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Meet Ryan

Ryan’s Island Café’s very own grew up on Long Island, New York. He worked at a young age for his uncle and grandmother’s delis, which helped him realize the importance of a hard work ethic from the very beginning. The family values, integrities, and caring customer service all integrated into the creation of Ryan’s very own restaurant years later. But how did he wind up in Florida from Long Island?

At the age of 25, Ryan was diagnosed with leukemia, prompting him to make a life-changing move to Florida. With excellent treatment and determination, Ryan was able to get his cancer under control and the accomplishment helped inspire his own beliefs to set out and make something special for himself.

He returned to his biggest two passions for managing and cooking in kitchens. After two years of successfully managing a large sports bar, Ryan thought it was time to start his own restaurant. He opened Ryan’s Island Cafe on June 1st, 2018 in the beautiful and busy Clearwater Beach.

For Locals & Tourists

What separates Ryan’s Island Cafe from neighboring businesses is that the catering touches on food for locals and tourists alike.

For those wishing to experience the highlights of the tropical location without breaking the bank for a wonderful meal made from the greatest ingredients available, Ryan’s Island Café is the perfect getaway spot for you!

We look forward to seeing you.

Quality Food & Service

We never compromise on service or quality for our customers are always right – a large part from the experience Ryan had working for his family and witnessing a family touch to every customer that entered the delis. Since opening, Ryan now feels more comfortable experimenting and serving more of the dishes that speak truly to his nature and who he is; sharing in home comfort and the paradise of the beach.

Unique Food & Experience

The Breakfast Burger, Breakfast Quesadilla, Chicken Bacon Bomber, Uptown Pastrami Burger, and the Goliath French Toast are all unique examples of that. Ryan prides himself on attention to detail and cleanliness in his work environment (no sand here!). As an owner, Ryan operates the restaurant and its integrated staff more like a family or team than a group of workers, further showcasing that home is where your heart is!

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